Product Details


Centol (MULTI-POWER ACTION DISINFECTANT) is a natural world acclaimed disinfectant with unique properties;

Composition & Properties;

  • A unique blend of Hypochorous Acid, Ozone and Chlorine
  • It is odorless, colourless, non-toxic and does not have any residual effect on applicants, fabrics and the environment.
  • It is non-corrosive and does not require any caution during application process.

  • Its unique property makes it a perfect choice for disinfection in
  • Hotels,
  • Restaurants,
  • Households
  • Offices,
  • Public washrooms, and
  • Mobile toilets.

Disinfecting kills 100%, says Steve Rathbun janitorial sales manager for Cedar Martin Brothers Distributing Co., Inc..

In Homes:
All flat surfaces like tables, Kitchen floors within the household, Cutlery,  Couch, Toys, Telephone receivers, Doormats, air conditioner.


 Office Keyboards:

 As many as 1040 living germs are to be found on the buttons of a keyboard.


    On average, a mouse houses up to 400 micro-organisms.


  Depending on its size, the telephone provides space for 250 to 400 living bacteria.

Why fragrance free?

Fragrances used by many manufacturers are typically toxic substances. There are no fragrances added to Centol. It is perfect for those with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). It neutralizes/eliminates the nasty odors caused by food or pets.

CENTOL offers a good and safe environment, free from bacterial, fungal and viral infections within the household. Its uniqueness makes it a better choice for a healthy lifestyle.