Product Details


Patholyte is a natural and effective fungicidal, bactericidal and viricidal solution for disinfecting animal house, quarantine stations and drinking water for livestock. It is effective in the prevention and control of animal disease. Patholyte boosts the immune system of animals, deals with any microbial infection and reduces mortality rate.

Patholyte effectively deals with the following Pathogens;



 As biosecurity is key to enhanced productivity within the poultry industry, Patholyte plays a crucial role in effective biosecurity practise on the farm.

Patholyte is a safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing disinfectant with no side effect and residue.

It is effective in dealing with wide range of pathogens without any side effect on birds and the environment.

It has proven to be effective against :

  • Gomboro
  • Avian Influenza Virus- Bird Flu
  • Salmonella
  • Newcastle Disease Virus



  • Drinking Water
  • Misting to disinfect Stables in the presence of animals
  • Feed Disinfection



  • improves feed conversion
  • promote immunity
  • increases the resistance to disease
  • permits an increase in the vitality
  • reduces mortality by 80 to 90%
  • allows a higher life weight at lower feed consumption
  • reduced the use of antibiotics
  • eliminates E-coli, salmonella, coccidiosis
  • improving the quality of the feed of the animals
  • Minimizes the impact of mortality during epidemics
  • reduced the amount of small eggs increases the quality and the uniformity of the calibration of eggs



Factors such as hygiene, quality and price are vital to the profitability of this industry. Patholyte over the years has proven to provide the solution to ensuring maximum profit in pig farming.

Patholyte provides a holistic approach in creating a healthy environment and quality animals for profit. It is a natural solution that fights against pathogens in pig farming.


  • Improvement in food conversion ratio
  • Reduced factory downgrades
  • Healthy and more active pigs
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Creating a regime which allows for the elimination of routine antibiotic use. [In feeds] Which can be used as a marketing plus.


Protocol for Complete Cycle

  • Pre and after farrowing udder disinfecting with Patholyte. The procedure should be continued 5 - 7 days after farrowing.
  • Additional sow feed disinfecting with Patholyte 5 - 7 days before and 5 - 7 days after farrowing.
  • Piglets feed disinfecting at a measured ratio after they are switched to dry or liquid feed.
  • Drinking water disinfecting with Patholyte at a measured ratio.
  • In case of diarrhoea a mixture of water and Patholyte should be given to a diseased animal.

Protocol for Farrowing Cycle

  • Disinfecting on a fixed schedule of pig barns by fogging Patholyte. Fixed ratio per m3 should be observed.
  • Disinfecting of drinking water by Patholyte at a fixed ratio.
  • I case of acute diarrhoeas a mixture at certain ratio of Patholyte and water should be given to piglets. Fogging of Patholyte on a more frequent schedule is advised.
  • When doing castration Patholyte should be applied for fast recovery.
  • Uterus disinfecting with Patholyte is also advised.


Protocol for Weaner

  • Pig farm disinfecting by fogging Patholyte before new arrivals and during the cycle on a fixed schedule.
  • Drinking water disinfecting by adding Patholyte into the water at a certain ratio.
  • In case of acute diarrhoea use mixture of Patholyte and water as advised for Farrowing cycle.

 Protocol for Grower / Finisher Cycle

  • Drinking water disinfecting by adding Patholyte into the water at a certain ratio.
  • Disinfecting of pig barns by fogging Patholyte at a certain ratio in the presence of animals and on a fixed schedule.
  • Special fogging procedures should be applied in case of cough, pneumonia or any respiratory disease.
  • For all cycles we advise to disinfect liquid and/or dry feed by spraying/adding Patholyte at a certain ratio per ton.